Exploring Pune – PASHA


The evening beauty, glows as the night comes. A place which is too calming with the complete view of the city. Where you can enjoy the “Shoor in the City view”, with the inner calmness the place provides. The silence where only the wind talks.
Something Which gets you too close to nature. The talking wind caressing your soul.

Everyone has that one special place in life. And daam yes, “Pasha” is that one place for me. Where I can forget the worries of tomorrow the pain of past. Just the present moment it talks.
It’s a place where you can make all cute small stories of life not worth forgetting.

So, its a place worth trying. The calm and the peace it provides. The romantic view if u want to capture. Dont you just forget to carry your date. U can just make the evening simply beautiful. It’s just heavenly beautiful. It’s like Heaven settling in the city.
May it be a romantic night with a date, or deep down conversation with a friend, opening up with a friend or a out of the world business meet, it perfectly feets all.

Its one of the must try place. Do try and let me know how it’s works out to for you guys.

“Try outs : From Booze to normal coffee and from Paneer Platter to Biryani and Desserts everything you will get here.
If u thinking of trying Moktails here it’s a complete No No. If you are good at making your own drink then go for it.
The Desserts here are perfect to try. The Gulab Jamun, Sheer Khurma and Halwas go completely good with the climate. If your “Dessertie” like me, you will surly love it.

For more places keep yourself updated. Keep reading. Thanks a ton.


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