Have u ever walked a memory lane. Or just sat besides it. Oh man, if not this place will tell you how it feels.
Are u running out of money, or out of places? Are you like super full and don’t want to entertain cafe’s?  Are you like just messed up and need a place to sit? Then I must tell you, you can find such a place. “The the corner besides Damos”.

I have never known what a public property meant till the time, a friend just took me to this out of the moon place. A place which just demanded you to be wholly and souly present and no money needed. A place which welcomed everyone like a family. A place which provided warmth to all cold souls. A place which just wipped the rolling tears and turned to perfect laughter moment. Complete merth. The cute moments and the life stories of people it holds. A place which sits like an pillar to sort out problems.

I have a belief, “A right warm place helps you sort out, the utter wrong and tough problems of your life.”
A place to be visist with your buddies. “Pura yaaron wala ashiyaan”. “Aao baat karo aur kho jao, kya pata kal ho na ho.” Cause few things are better shared than hidden.

A small apna adda, no class needed, no money needed, no religion, no discrimination. Just love!! Come with your soul and you will feel the warmth.

“Distraction here – Open to air. It’s a road side place. Where you will always have vehicles passing by but even that wouldn’t disturb you much. The bikers gang which are frequent just making the you view perfect for you, if you are a biker freak like me.”

Try outs – Carry your buddy to talk out the mess or laugh out ur ass without paying a buck. You can carry any foodstuff. No restrictions!!

Enjoy apan yaaron ka adda and do lemme know how it works out for you.

(P.S. – If you find it weird and thinks its just a footpath I’m sorry, your mistaken cause footpath is an understatement. Just try it out once.)

For more such places keep yourself updated. Thanks a ton.
Happy Reading.


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