Exploring Pune – NALA PARK


In today’s world when we youngsters are given an option, let’s go to a park I don’t think many of us will willingly opt for the option. Cause life has moved drastically from parks and small small happiness to cafe’s and pubs and fake whatsapp chats.

But what if I tell you, you can get to see an Adult park. Park without swing and just too much doped in natural beauty. Park with refreshment. The reason why I call it a “Adult Park” cause I haven’t found small kids and the decor the park presents. “Small Small chairs hidden behind the trees” in my simple terms I call it “Tharki Park”.

It’s called Nala Park cause the big sewage lane (in Hindi “Nala”) passes through the park. The only concern is the purification of the water of that particular “Nala”. The Nala divides the park into two parts. You have a small bridge joining both the parts. On one side you have chairs behind the tress and also a small passage hidden in the tress to walk. While on the other you have a perfect small tree-house.
This is just like hidden romantic beauty of the nature.


A place where your soul dances on small heartbeats and brings calmness. A places which acts as a purifier to the soul. The wind actually making out with your soul and completely turning it on. Where your breath can just talk to your heart. Where jogging sounds perfect and you can just give reasons to walk more and spend your minutes lavishly. A place which just proposes the innermost purity out and leave you fresh while you leave.

It’s just, “Pune ki Jannat” wrapping the city with its beauty.

Directions – The place is off Gurudwara road while going from MG road to Race Course.

Tips – Make sure you carry a camera cause you have many frames to capture here. If incase you are a nature lover photographer then that’s a must carry. And important point make sure the guard doesn’t notice you doing photography to avoid the drama.


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