My Oracle – A.P.J. Abdul Kalam


When I just miss the site of an Oracle, life just seemed to linger.
The moment which led me empty hearted. The heavy moment which I haven’t been able to glup it till now.

The beautiful Sunday which just serves you with the most irreplaceable news for life time.
The news which said, “The Ex-President of India would be in our society tonight”. This just got me down to prayers wishing it was my favourite, the most loved, esteemed and renowned person, “Mr Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam” our own “A.P.J. kalam saheb”.
How true the prayers seemed when the news turned the toss just your way. Life didn’t seem this contented. The day was just royally made by the news itself. The thoughts started building up of how gigantic the day would be.

The day just passed by as fast as a wink. And I was thrown on the dice, where I had to just be present. The same thought got immense pain in life. The heart just collapsed screaming, “Vishakha, how are you going to manage both. How can you keep the most awaited dream of meeting your own Oracle on a second place”. That day life taught me, at times being with your loved one’s and present in their happiness you have to lower your dreams cause with their smile shines your dream.

Managing to attend both. I missed my chance of exchanging words with, the most humble and great President India has ever had. My eyes were on the event but my heart was clocking with the flight timings of Mr APJ kalam. The drive back home has never been so harsh and quick the way it was that day. Where my eyes were searching for blank roads where I could just jump fast and reach my own destiny. The moment of solace when I could see him just pass by my way, the policemen just crossing my way. Where my feets where running towards him. My hands shaking to touch his feet. I’m sure life just threw a lemon on my head when I couldn’t just reach my destiny and but being just around it, when I could feel it, I could breathe it. I am sure if a day could surprise me where I could just get the site of the great man walk by way, I’m sure I can just be surprised again where I get to exchange words meet him and live the moment of lifetime.


History and few facts about “Mr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam” – He is the 11th President of India. He is also know as the, “Missile Man of India”. He has received several prestigious awards, including the Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civilian honour. Before his term as President, he worked as an Aerospace engineer with Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). He launched his mission for the youth of the nation in 2011 called the What Can I Give Movement with a central theme to defeat corruption in India. Wings of fire – his autobiography is among the most sold book’s. He is also known for his inspirational lectures.



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