Exploring Pune – KATRAJ GHAT


Life has always been a race and an adventure trip. Long rides, chasing your dreams, chasing the clouds above and feeling the wind speeding with you, making you feel much more lively and happy.
Biking freaks will know how it feels just to spend time riding your love and running a little away from town.

Pune these days is just facing excessive traffic, making it difficult to enjoy a peace bike ride. The more you feel like speeding the more signals will act against you and stop you. Those tiring rides which make you feel weak in just small distance.

To get away and run from all these traffic troma all you need is simply a place, where speed has value and signals are less. What I call it as my, “Bike’s House” where not just you but your lil ridding baby will too enjoy the roads. Where traffic is less, the highways where you can speed yourself. Where the wind just hypnotises your breath. You feel like chasing your own breathe as it mixes with the wind speeding ahead. Where the wind plays with you, and bike keeps loosing control cause of the force provided by the wind. All you got to do is maintain your speed, play with the wind and live the moment.

If you are looking for a long bike ride and just some coffee at CCD and the best view around the town all you can do is just kick your bike and start the ride. Ride on this Katraj Ghat.


History – Katraj Ghat is a mountain passage located between Pune and Satara in Maharashtra, India. Katraj Ghat has a history of more than 400 years; it was been used during the time of Shivaji.

Roads to follow – Katraj Ghat begins at the south of Katraj village. At the southern end of the ghat, the new alignment of NH4 through the New Katraj Tunnel merges with the old alignment of the highway.


The Ghat is surrounded by water bodies, making the view beautiful. The horizon it sets is just perfect. On the way you will find CCD for some good coffee. The CCD over there provides the pitch perfect view. You can just sit besides and enjoy the view. No words needs to be spoken cause the view itself screams out loud.

Do enjoy the sexy ghat, the long rides or drives and live the moment, destress yourself and come back with a bang


For more such places keep updated. Happy reading.


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