The Pain Dragging Insanity

Long talks and a fight through self. A little misunderstanding and a change of character I went.
A silent month and a new one comes, letting the old one heal. Dragging my pain into insanity. The music of question string out loud, leading to the bleading answers my cagged heart shout. No No No this is not you.
Sharing the pain with few and listening to all that I got manipulated the soul. My melting healed heart whispered to the soul, my love don’t u sense the change in soul. This is not the dress you should wear cause that’s not yours. Dont you love change your soul.
Now that I comfort myself on my bed, I sense the change in character I went. Blaming him for the wrong one’s was my only way. Love was not blaming but cherishing the old memories. Was there a difference in his wrong doing and in my blaming it infront of his mates.
No No No my soul regrets cause there has been a change. My strength now seems my weakness leading to my pain dragging insanity.
Now I feel to rise up and be the same cause my soul is my strength and I now wanna cherish the good in them.
Blame is too a crime cause you are breaking your promise to be the same. Talking bad about someone doesn’t replace their wrong but the fault in your character. For all emotional hurt the bigger than physical hurt. For all character change is a attempt to murder, cause its the soul and character what build you.
My pain dragging insanity. Let my soul be the same and let me win hearts and not the pain.

In the memories of all those about whom I have ever spoken wrong in their absence. That’s just the change in character my pain manipulated heart went.
Sorry!! The much needed!!


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