Exploring Pune – Love Sugar Dough



You may be a big time foodie or may have a big sweet tooth too. But sweets and cakes always drag us to the meethaiwala’s, the cake shops or ice cream parlours in town. But can u just occupy a place for hours feel the ambiance and enjoy ur cravings? I’m sure the answer is no. At times our cravings need a perfect ambiance.
Walking down the town I found one such place. Love Sugar Dough as the name says is a place for cakes, muffins and more. It is not just a cake shop but a place where u can catch a table in the corner with ur loved one’s and enjoy every bit of the taste. It’s cake cafe.
The ambiance of this place takes you beyond the city. Where you get the feeling of a different town apart from the normal cafe’s around. It is just too fresh making the food mood too jolly.
Let’s come down to the offerings the place provide. The smiling muffins, the cute baked cakes and some volcano filled baked dough serving your hungry mouth with all love and flavors. It’s completely a place serving dough sweets with true love. A place where you can just hangout with your buddy’s and mark it as a sweet day.w cake and more the flavours you try more the love you will get.





Must try – red velvet muffin, baked cheese cake, rainbow cake and more the flavours you try more the love you will get.

For more such places keep yourself updated


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