Dead Soul

Every soul has a dead soul. Running on this earth with immaterial life loosing its materiality. Letting the Sunshine and raindrops sleep and giving importance to the running time. We are losing ourselves by giving the diamond moments for all those glitter smiles.
We are running the life marathon at the cost of our priced possession. Losing our love and us in someone’s love. Hurting those true love smiles for our goals gain. Breaking not the bones but the heart which costs more.
Breakage of heart is like giving a sleeping life, with no more emotions but smoking lights. Love is more a terror attack than those terrorists bringing peace to dead alive souls. How can we blame those when we have been dehydrating someone’s soul pouring the lust of alcohol.
My love you were my terrorist burning my soul. You gave me ashes which are still hot burning me whole. On the bright morning sunrise also I have a deep dark sunset cause my heart has your deep dark hole.
Let’s just make peace and love the left so that we could save the few alive souls and awaken our dead souls!!


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