The Mental Street

A look around and I found everyone is equally like me, with a lot of bruises. Bruises on our thoughts, humanity and lifestyle. In the pain of carrying on simple lifestyle we are damaging it more with the bruises. The said such given to us by society norms and surroundings we have been bought up with.
Surroundings, the people we directly or indirectly share our times with. A group which can influence but not impose their thoughts on us. So does this really matter? Umm, not really but their views about us and our character do matter. In all this, “Log kya kahenge” we have forgotten that, “What people say about us is their reality and not ours”. For this we surely don’t have to kill our smiles for the baggage of our surroundings.
Society, Society Norms have always been very important for each individual. Cause going against them is thought be a sin or dragging our names into pit. It’s always not necessary to follow all of them but we don’t even have to unfollow them. Why can’t we just use the norms as a guidance with using our little powerful brain afixed right on top of us.
All these groups binded by people like us are actually overrating many things. Things which are apparently not that much important building a state of hypocrisy. Thus everything gets categorised into either Good or Bad. Good and Bad depends on individuality, the path of life a certain person is following. Maybe my good is your bad, but that shouldn’t make me bad for all. Let’s not get too mentally affected with these ideas, norms and path. Let’s not follow this mental street blindfolded.

P.S. These are completely my views and nothing against society, cast, culture or religion.

Keep smiling keep reading!!


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