Random Feelings 1

No pain lasts long. Passersby and those small small moment’s can catch hold of those sparkling eye’s.

Just one bad experience or one bad person can’t put you to broken heart for lifetime. It can again shine, with a crystal sparkling light. Selflove and love from those unexpected one’s can make the time right. But love is still fragile. It will get better with time.

Cause all we got to do is Let Go


15 thoughts on “Random Feelings 1

  1. Very true.. Sometimes we feel off the track just because of one bad incident or one bad person in our life.. They can break us only when we keep thinking about them. Otherwise if we leave them, they can not even touch our feelings.. And yes, as you say Vishakha, we have to learn to let go.. That’s the principle of happiness… Have a good time..

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    1. Thanks for dropping by!!

      Yes Let Go, cause it helps us to love ourselves and accept people with their flaws. Every person is struggling and is damaged in certain. No soul can be bad, it’s the environment which is ruining it!!

      Have a great day!!

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  2. But they put. I have been going through the same situation for a long time and found myself so feeble to get out of it. I guess u lose half of urself when u fall in luv. And the rest is lost when she leaves coz half of u resides in her..


    1. Thank you for dropping by!!

      No lose what you plan to lose and ready to lose. Be strong and love urself! Once you master to keep the negative away all you will see is the positive you and happy and complete you. It’s a myth that you are taken away when you loose love but trust me you are given more than you lose, you become stronger and even that’s the time for self love realisation. There is nothing better than treating oneself good and with love!!

      Have a great day and heal soon!! πŸ™‚


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