Flooding it away 

Being with you was the only thing that mattered to me,Be it rain, wind or heat, you are the only one i could see.

Things certainly have faded away between us,
I have stopped thinking about you, then why such a big fuzz.

Why is it so that someone who means to me, leaves me all shattered,
Being without the one i love is an act that i have mastered.

Somehow I have realised that I have to stay without you,
I am like a leaf dropped alone on the ground without even a drop of a dew.

But even now there are a lot of memories I cherish every single day,
I want to be with you, is there really a way?

I believe you will come to me sooner or later,
You going away is hurting me a lot, but is it for my better?

Down the years i’ll still be waiting, looking for you everywhere,
Because somewhere in my heart i still feel that i care.
– visitor writer !! Thank you Umesh 🙂 


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