Let Go

The most said and explained thing in life, Let Go. Things not going your way, let go. Messed up life, let go. Job at stake, let go. Failed in exams, let go. What exactly is let go? Maybe not thinking much about the past, accepting and moving with a positive thoughts ahead. But isn’t it […]

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Woman – The word for powerhouse

A women, in her inner infinite world belongs to no one!! Let’s not belittle the magnificence of power. The elegant soul is not always fragile. Let’s get homage for her. We usually make her feel weak and take her for granted. The soul usually playing collective responsibility. She is a daughter taught to embrace transformation. […]

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The Pushed Aside 10 min

All it needed to save the cranky phase were those 10 min. It’s all so shabby, it’s all so like the spider mesh. But the solution was 10 min. Yes those 10 min were just illusion to the soul now. It couldn’t be asked back. It was touching the mere existence of the phase. Phase […]

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Shattered but not broken

I’m a bird swimming at the bottom of deep, blue ocean. Yes that’s the feeling the phase has got, it tried breaking me a lot. The knife of the phase are almost on my veins. The dark damp room with aimless thoughts about that mere survival. Do I die with the phase? Or grow giant […]

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