The Pushed Aside 10 min

All it needed to save the cranky phase were those 10 min. It’s all so shabby, it’s all so like the spider mesh. But the solution was 10 min.
Yes those 10 min were just illusion to the soul now. It couldn’t be asked back. It was touching the mere existence of the phase. Phase and time which weren’t supposed to be spoiled.
Naah, it wasn’t supposed to be spoiled. It was indeed by overreacting, those tempted mood swings, those pressing pressure of the path. Those needed attention events and hell yes those unreliable acting of us. With all the obstacles in path 10 min would have been the saviour but we spoiled it all.
The water was spilled now, how do we collect it again!?

So it’s time to respect the phase and demand those 10 min later and not spoil the saviour of future right now, again.


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