Woman – The word for powerhouse

A women, in her inner infinite world belongs to no one!!

Let’s not belittle the magnificence of power. The elegant soul is not always fragile. Let’s get homage for her.
We usually make her feel weak and take her for granted. The soul usually playing collective responsibility.
She is a daughter taught to embrace transformation. She is the character to the family. She is sister handling her brother, pampering and saving from all odds. Wife to the husband, the second wheel to the car. The lady of family, indeed the pillar of education, wellbeing and culture. The granny looking after the grandkids giving them tips to life.
The wheel of family which just doesn’t work at home but on the other platforms too. She earns, she feeds. Doesn’t sit still, cause she has a family to grow. 24/7 she her heart pumps in care of her near ones.
Are these the characteristics of weak soul or the hard soul showing soft? Why lower our respect for her? Let’s salute the beauty hidden in her. Like how car needs both the wheels, indeed life does. Let’s be equal and respect both; Men and women both. Where he is the strength, she is the power to it.

Let’s cherish the beauty of both the souls. Let’s respect our power house.

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