Not all those who wander are lost.

We all have a wandering mind, its never in the place we are. Often we are wandering and never stable, not being physically and mentally present at the same place. We have chosen a life where we are physically running behind things and mentally getting exhausted. Doesn’t it leads to Chaotic life?
All the chaos is because we choose to stay in it. Our mind wanders because we aren’t aware of ourselves. We meditate, workout without all the self awareness. It’s all done with the thought of being physically healthy and mental health still remains a problem.
I always felt, “Ya I am meditating, running miles in morning, I am surely mentally healthy.” This lasted not until when I realised that I was just getting exhausted by the end of the day and not being happy. This was the time for me to get indulged in self awareness.
We often have time for our people around, do we have time for ourselves? We are up for a cup of coffee with friends, are we up for sitting down and spending time with ourselves? Driving my car alone wasn’t really the, “Me time”, its just commuting. Me time would be when I sit with myself and try to get inside me and talk to myself, “Hey heart what’s up? Hey brain what are you up to?”. Surely this is a type of meditation.
Meditation yes I was doing that; sitting, closing my eyes and breathing. But I was lacking the concentration needed. Meditation requires concentration and thus requires focus. We often love to be distracted cause we don’t have to think of ourselves. This is where we lack.
All of us have a goal to be happy, with having a distracted lifestyles. We have to have a happy lifestyle to be happy on a long term. We have to concentrate on the things we love, focus on what makes us happy and requires our attention. In the practice of concentration we would practice better meditation. We would spend better time with ourselves and that’s where we will find our happiness.

Wander around a happy lifestyle. Stay healthy, Stay happy.

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