See Beyond

“Ouch! I fell down; so what? Get up and walk.” Everytime I would fall down, my heart would murmur, “How would you bounce back without falling?”. This sweet murmur from inside made me believe only specials fall down cause they have those limbs to stand up.
Everytime I fell down, I believed maybe my clock was drunk and it didn’t want to work sober. With millions of dreams in those little eyes I fell down again and again. Shade off those crystal tears, blame the time but walk back erect again. The cycle repeated the time acted drunk but that little spirit lasted to go ahead.
In a while around me was every flourishing flowing, blooming and leaving back the smell, only I kept falling to learn to walk erect. Yes I kept showing that I was happy with what I was doing. Hopes leaving me a little day by day.
“Ouch! I fell down; so what? Get up and walk again”; my heart did murmur again. With that rugged special feeling and broken limbs I didn’t walk again. With my heavy heart I went out to see my neighbor who was smiling but was miserable in pain. I asked myself, what might be wrong? Good life, good career, good pay; is there anything beyond that we need? The heart skipped the beat smiling, ” Yes honey, satisfaction” I smiled back again, I knew I was doing what I liked so there was no regret and going back but just learning and finding ways of going ahead.

Lets love what we do, cause life is not about regrets but a satisfaction. Lets fall so that we bounce back.

Suffering is the essence of success – A.P.J Abdul Kalam.

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