There is always a will before shall, that’s where the complete mess is.
As we grow we always encounter that things mostly don’t land up as planned. This gets in more negativity leading to a negative body language. So what’s that one thing which leads to a negative belief?
As we grow we tend to be more society centric than focusing out our energy on ourselves. We tend to preach society norms shading away our individualities. Every individual needs to do things as per their USP, but do we really do?
As we grow we tend to postpone soul things because society doesn’t think we can. We utilise all our energy on the things we don’t wish to do. Doing more of things which doesn’t bring happiness leads to a negative body language.
During childhood we always believed in ourselves. We did things we loved with an attitude of, “I will do it”, “I shall do it never nocked on”. With shall comes postponement.
Lets have more of will life than shall and we would again see the childhood miracles!
Lets Will than Shall.

(P.S. used raw charcoal over a paper)

Even charcoal leaves beautiful shades behind when spread over the paper. Let’s believe in what we love and let’s not postpone soul things over society centric things.

Happy reading!

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