That Age

Early morning sitting by the porch and enjoying the tickles of sunrays, I was sipping my coffee. It was a little unusual day, as paa decided to have his coffee with me. His expressions were unusual and he had questions to plate. It was a thunderstorm in sunny rays.
The coffee was no more sweet sips, I had to gulp it now. I knew where things were going to head. We have a laxman rekha for our age, we cross that and every society member is interested in our future plans, by future plans they mean our marriage; and that creates a peer pressure on our families too. I knew my paa also had that question in head. Sugary quoted I had those questions with coffee.
The coffee was now a little difficult to digest. I didn’t have answers, I didn’t have much say. It’s something you havecto face in your life, today or maybe tomorrow. It was time to face it. Make my dad’s coffee sweet by saying I’m ready.
Coffee was over, questions were asked, answers were given, and I was left stoned.
Marriage comes with age and price tag. I always believed age is just a number, but a minute back I was proved wrong. I ran to my mirror, “Mirror Mirror what’s my age? I couldn’t quite search the old age taking over me, it still portrayed the kid in me”.
While I was still fighting my mess, those balloon of thoughts Maa decided to interrupt and take the game ahead. Indian moms are such, they want to know every detail your brain can hold. She went on and on with her thoughts and ideas of marriage and soulmates. I had my own image to such things already.
Like I said marriage comes up with age and price tag. We literally tag young boys and girls like commodities. With our achievements our value increases are now we are suitable for higher value, wow sounds like a critical job. We even come across such terms, “Kitna lagaya; Tum kitna lagaoge; Nahi humare budget thoda high hai”. The same terms I have heard while buying a commodity in a shop. It’s totally a business affair. Oh! Maybe that’s why dads are more involved than mom’s.
All our (girls) dads are into wrong practices, they wish to purchase for us a great commodity. A commodity with no depreciation and tax benefits, there is no salvage value too. In many families the father has to spend all his lifetime savings for such a purchase with no surety. Take loans to compete society standards.
The budget thoughts were always difficult for my acceptance. Why would I want to buy a husband? Why will my dad want to buy me such costly asset? Such questions had taken up my complete system.
Marriages are supposed to be a warm connection between people. When two people can connect well they should be together. Why make it a business deal? Firstly you purchase the asset and when things go wrong and asset misbehaves you want a refund. I can never stand such concepts. I want to be more of human and less of a commodity.
Let’s grow up and stop this business, lets be more human and believe in that connection. Business deals can go wrong, but warm connect and love bonds won’t.
Let your daughters choose love. Lets get over the generation practice of gifting a husband. Let’s be more human.

#saynotodowry #saynotosuchpurchase

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