LIFE 1.2

Looking around in life I feel “Life is a Blessing”, I never knew this untill now. My complete growing up and education system taught me that life is a race, if you dont run you will fail. They failed to teach me the direction in which I should be running, I just kept running aimlessly without a said direction. With eyes opened, with eyes closed, with being awake and even when I was asleep I kept running but reaching nowhere.
I was really tired of running, because I could not run away from the situations, nor was I reaching the destination. I remember a passerby once said, you are the sperm that own, now live the life as you won this trophy. This is the thing you wanted, the human life and now you are doing nothing to cherish it. Just relax and breathe in the happiness and breathe out the pain. The whole concept pinched me hard, like hell yes I was increasing my wants daily, after having human life I didn’t even Cherish it but increased my wants.
I kept wandering and then I decided to go and sit for some Art of Living session’s as I had heard that you get answers there, but I wasn’t ready to take in answers, nor I was interested in the whole procedure. I kept looking at the clock as my patch of running for the day was left at that moment. The course was over and there was no change as I was not ready to give myself away to those procedures.
That event happened and I felt I lost some money and time and again I got on my tracks to run, round and round and I head the same place where I started. I was putting on kgs and adding mass heap in the body even when I was running on those tracks. I started hitting the gym to shade those and then I decided to head towards yoga for mental peace. Then I came to know Art of Living course where they teach yoga and breathing techniques which I knew, but I felt let’s go there for yoga, yoga is good. This time I wanted a difference so I did put my heart and soul to the complete procedures, I kept doing daily meditation at home, I kept upgrading myself with different course’s. Slowly and slowly I saw changes, my acceptance increased, the running tracks decreased, satisfaction was climbing up the ladder. The realisation of inner peace taught me, we have to give ourselves to the complete procedure, take in the experience and then see how life grows. Life was a blessing and not a curse. I felt blessed with the knowledge, I realized during my birth I wanted a human life and now that I have got it my only task is to be happy and keep people around me happy. That only came to me when I accepted my situations and people and lived in the knowledge and practiced inner peace.

Problems are Different but answer is the same, Eat, Sleep, Meditate and Spread the word.

I have named my post as Life 1.2 which means life before and after living in knowledge and practicing and preaching.
Keep Smiling and Cherish your gift.

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