The Mental Street

A look around and I found everyone is equally like me, with a lot of bruises. Bruises on our thoughts, humanity and lifestyle. In the pain of carrying on simple lifestyle we are damaging it more with the bruises. The said such given to us by society norms and surroundings we have been bought up […]

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Dead Soul

Every soul has a dead soul. Running on this earth with immaterial life loosing its materiality. Letting the Sunshine and raindrops sleep and giving importance to the running time. We are losing ourselves by giving the diamond moments for all those glitter smiles. We are running the life marathon at the cost of our priced […]

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Erupting Volcanoes

Walking past few thoughts I just realized the erupting volcanoes I had. Few feelings, few relations and few bonds were very different than I thought. Being friends to all but close to few seems only in heart but not in behavior but thoughts. Surrounded by millions but talking to few, I just realized every moment […]

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The Pain Dragging Insanity

Long talks and a fight through self. A little misunderstanding and a change of character I went. A silent month and a new one comes, letting the old one heal. Dragging my pain into insanity. The music of question string out loud, leading to the bleading answers my cagged heart shout. No No No this […]

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