Exploring Pune – KATRAJ GHAT

Life has always been a race and an adventure trip. Long rides, chasing your dreams, chasing the clouds above and feeling the wind speeding with you, making you feel much more lively and happy. Biking freaks will know how it feels just to spend time riding your love and running a little away from town. […]

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Exploring Pune – NALA PARK

In today’s world when we youngsters are given an option, let’s go to a park I don’t think many of us will willingly opt for the option. Cause life has moved drastically from parks and small small happiness to cafe’s and pubs and fake whatsapp chats. But what if I tell you, you can get […]

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Exploring Pune – PASHA

The evening beauty, glows as the night comes. A place which is too calming with the complete view of the city. Where you can enjoy the “Shoor in the City view”, with the inner calmness the place provides. The silence where only the wind talks. Something Which gets you too close to nature. The talking […]

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