DIY Receipe – Lemon Tea

   A hot cup of lemon tea can be healthy and rejuvenating. Ingredients – 1/2 lemon Black salt Sugar Tea leaves Cup of water Black pepper Mint leaves (optional) Procedure – In an utensil put one cup water. Add 1 1/2 tps of sugar (you can also add jaggery if you want to avoide sugar). […]

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Random Feelings 1

   No pain lasts long. Passersby and those small small moment’s can catch hold of those sparkling eye’s. Just one bad experience or one bad person can’t put you to broken heart for lifetime. It can again shine, with a crystal sparkling light. Selflove and love from those unexpected one’s can make the time right. […]

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Your memories keep filling my mug of whiskey and the smile your name gets gives the warmth of it.

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She jumped on him like a bag full of happiness, unaware that he was the same monster tearing her apart.

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Naked Soul

The way he spoke, The aroma around unhooked my soul. It was just his twinkle, That made me unclad glimmering. All what was agony, Was now solace. His breathe, Was fingering my skin. Subleasing my musing, Rolling with his glimpse. Being undraped was obliging, Making my impression alluring. He was nothing sort of magic, Making […]

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